American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Volume 12, Issue 3, June 2024

  • Research Article

    Regression–Based Diagnostic Models for Early Lung Cancer Integrating Conventional Indicators with Tumor Markers

    Shufang Zhou, Xiaojun Ge*, Zhifang Yang, Fei Zeng

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, June 2024
    Pages: 20-27
    Received: 25 April 2024
    Accepted: 4 June 2024
    Published: 6 June 2024
    Abstract: The aim of this research was to develop a lung cancer diagnostic and predictive model that integrates traditional laboratory indicators with tumor markers. This model is intended to facilitate early screening and assist in the process of identifying or detecting lung cancer through a cost-effective, rapid, and convenient approach, ultimately enhanc... Show More